SUPREME Perfecting Peeling Gel

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SUPREME Perfecting Peeling Gel

SUPREME Perfecting Peeling Gel

Flawless, fine, and toned are the words that will come to mind after you’re done with this deep-cleaning peeling treatment. This peeling gel contains essentials and botanical ingredients that brighten skin. The revolutionary formula penetrates deep into skin to extract all dead skin cells, excess sebum, and impurities for a smooth, clean finish.

  • Brightens and tone
  • Lifts away dead skin cells, excess oil, impurities
  • Gives skin a radiant glow with healing and nourishing qualities

Key Ingredients

  • Chamomile Extract: Calming, soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory.
  • Witch Hazel: Witch Hazel acts as an astringent to help remove impurities, dead skin cells, and micro-bacteria so healthy skin can grow in place.
  • Dead Sea minerals: As the peel extracts impurities, Dead Sea minerals nourish skin with sodium, bromide, magnesium, potassium, and chloride. Each mineral helps to firm, balance, and smooth skin for tighter pores and better texture.


Use the spatula provided to spread a thin, even layer of the peeling gel across skin (avoid the eye area). Then, take two fingers and buff the peel away. You’ll see the mask pull out and pill up all of the excess sebum, dead skin cells, and impurities that have lingered in skin.





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